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BaseVote™, LLC a public affairs firm, was founded in the new millennium by national political operatives.

Our experiences range from the local school board to City Hall, from the State House to the White House and from community basements to Corporate Boardrooms.

We are among the best and most experienced political operatives in the country who specialize in outreach and organizing campaigns to the African American community.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS:   Engaging Strategic Partnerships

                           The practice of managing the communications
                                  between an organization, its stakeholders,
                                                                         partners and investors".                                                                                                                               

Are you looking to engage targeted-hard to reach communities?  Do you find it hard to network with potential clients or customers? Are you looking for a corporate ‘face’ or an organization to help you hone strategies for engaging local or national audiences?

Effective public affairs increase’s the profile of your organization, establishes it as an engaged and active member of the community and further distinguishes its brand.BaseVote™, LLC views public affairs as both relationship management and the management of information regarding your business.

Accordingly, the firm’s objective is to utilize its extensive political knowledge base, combining it with management expertise leveraged by information technology, to provide affordable and effective business solutions for its’ clients.

Whether your organization is looking to contract with federal, state or local agencies, further establish itself as a community partner or expand its national presence, BaseVote™, LLC can help. We assist businesses with the development of effective public affairs campaigns and facilitation of strategic partnerships.

BaseVote™, LLC provides the political and business solutions, vets the deals, creates the deal-winning teams and organizes supply chain solutions. We do all the vexing of business and political facilitation which allows you, our client, to do what you do best...without worrying about the traditional “challenges”!

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