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Below, is a list of some of our country’s leading Black Newspapers.
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African American News Issues

This paper is Texas’ widest circulated and read newspaper with a Black perspective. This is a weekly newspaper and site visitors can find current and archived issues online.

Afro American Newspaper
This newspaper is the leading news provider for African Americansin the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and the longest running African American, family-owned newspaper in the US.

Anacostia Gazette
This Gazette is based out of Washington DC and is kept in publicati on thanks to a group of Reverends and Brethern of God.

Atlanta Daily World
Full of top stories, classified and much more, this African American newspaper is full of relevant information pertinent to the Black communities.

Atlanta Tribune
This publication is Black Atlanta’s leading source for business, careers, technology and wealth-building.

The Atlanta Voice
The newspaper has the largest audited and circulated newspaper reaching the most diverse African American market in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Baltimore Times
With many different sections to choose from, such as news, editorials, sports, lifestyles, etc, this is a comprehensive newspaper for the African American community.

Bay Drum
This publication has been the online information network serving the African American community in the Northern California/Bay Area since 1989

Birmingham Times
Part of the BlackPressUSA network, this newspaper provides a wealth of various information bits for the Black community.

This online newspaper is owned by Diversity City Media, and features daily news and celebrity photos. Also, features columns, and movie/DVD reviews.

Owned by AOL, this web site features daily news about African American culture. It primarily focuses on entertainment and celebrity content.

Black Star News Online
The Black Star News is New York’s leading investigative newspaper. The great team at BSN makes the publication even possible.

Boston – Bay State Banner
Providing news for the Boston’s Black community members is not all the newspaper does. It also includes editorials and opinions, as well as archives to past issues.

Call and Post Newspapers
A network of newspapers in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus who's aim is focused on networking, educating and providing economic empowerment to all minority cultures.

Carolina Peacemaker
The Carolina Peacemaker is part of the BlackPressUSA network, and it has served as North Carolina’s leading news weekly since 1967.

Chicago Defender
Now a weekly paper in Chicago, this newspaper was once the only daily Black publication in the country. CNN contributor Roland Martin used to be the publisher.

Chicago Standard Newspapers
Yet another paper that is part of the BlackPressUSA network, Chicago Standard Newspapers provides an array of information for its Black readers.

City Flight
Giving the reader the opportunities to read the archived issues they may have missed, City Flight has many categories to choose from, as well as a “city search” section.

City News – Ohio
Providing a selection of African American categories to choose from, this BlackPressUSA network paper holds a wealth of information for its readers.

Columbus Post
Weekly newspaper based in Columbus Ohio that focuses on local and national African American news and issues.

Daily Digest for African Americans
AKIIT.com is a virtual daily digest for the latest happenings within the African American community. Its weekly columns enlighten the readers on different points of view.

Dallas Post Tribune
This newspaper is the oldest and largest Black-owned newspaper in North Texas. It’s a weekly newspaper that has been in existence since 1947.

Dallas Weekly
This publication serves the African American community through its news, opinion, entertainment, business and religion sections.

This online publication is the Electronic Urban Report for Black entertainment news - including music, film, and television. Run by Lee Bailey of Rabercom Enterprises, this site has tons of loyal visitors.

Exodus Online
Informing the Black community with its various categories, including world and national news, entertainment, history, etc, Exodus is an all-encompassing newspaper.

Final Call
The Final Call was founded by Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Readers can either read online, or they can subscribe to the full print edition.

Ink News Online
The paper is your best source for news about Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana's Black community. It was incorporated in 2001.

Insight News
Insight News is the journal for community news, business and arts. It was started in 1974 and seeks to provide preferred access to Black consumers for business, agencies and organizations.

Jackson Advocate
This paper is Mississippi's oldest African American newspaper, and the largest weekly newspaper in the state.

Los Angeles Sentinel
The largest newspaper on the west coast that focuses primarily on African American content. This paper was recently acquired by The Baker Group - a black-owned real estate developer.

The Miami Times
This publication is the largest minority-owned newspaper in the Southeast United States. It reports on African American issues in South Florida and nationally.

Michigan Chronicle
The Michigan Chronicle is the state's most respected African American publication. It is an award winning publication that was founded in 1936.

Milwaukee Courier
This newspaper provides news, op-ed, sports, and classifieds, among other things, to its African American community of readers.

Mississippi Link
The paper is the first African American publication in Mississippi made available via the World Wide Web, a leading source of urban, rural, and community news.

Monroe Free Press
The Free Press is the voice of the Monroe area African American community. In addition to news and sports, it provides Black facts and local history.

National Association of Black Journalists
NABJ is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide.

New York Amsterdam News
Part of the BlackUSAPress network, this paper is one of New York’s largest and most influential Black-owned and operated business institutions.

New England Informer
The paper’s mission is to disseminate information to empower Black Americans along the Eastern Sea Board and beyond.

New Journal and Guide
The New Journal and Guide is Virginia's oldest Black weekly newspaper, proud to be a wholly Black-owned and operated business.

New Pittsburg Courier
The New Pittsburgh Courier is one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States, established in 1907.

New York Beacon
New York’s finest African American Newspaper is part of the BlackPressUSA network. It provides readers with an array of categories to choose from.

People’s Voice Weekly
The Voice considers it their duty to set the record straight, where issues and events in the African-American communities are concerned.

Philadelphia Tribune
The Tribune includes information in categories including, but not limited to, news headlines, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports.

QBR The Black Book Review
QBR provides an avenue new books and new authors to get recognized. Books are sectioned into genre categories, and reviews are also provided.

Sacramento Observer
This newspaper in Sacramento offers weekly news on African American issues, entertainment, business and more. This paper has won many awards, and is a favorite to many.

San Francisco Bay View
The Bay Review is a national black newspaper that includes front page news, editorial and commentary, and web exclusives, in addition to an assortment of other items of interest.

South Florida Times
This publication is a newspaper that is designed to “Elevate the Dialogue” throughout the African Diaspora. It is the most influential weekly newspaper in South Florida serving the African-American and Caribbean community.

Tennessee Tribune
The Tribune offers a fresh and encouraging look at people and events that are having a positive impact on the African American future.

Launched by Henry Louis Gates and Washington Post, this online newspaper offers socially-conscious and culture-rich content to avid African American readers.

Tri-State Defender
This newspaper is one of the longest, continuously-published African-American papers in the United States. It was very active in the Civil Rights Movement.

Weekly Challenger
Part of the BlackPressUSA network, the Challenger provides African Americans in the St Petersburg, Florida area a newspaper to come to for all their news.

Weekly Press
The Baton Rouge Weekly Press is considered to be the number one minority newspaper in The Greater Baton Rouge area and has served the public for over 31 years.

Westside Gazette
The Gazette is part of the BlackPressUSA network and much of its readership stems from the Ft Lauderdale, Florida area.

Windy City Word
This publication is a weekly newspaper serving the Greater West Side of Chicago since 1991. It projects a positive image of the community it serves.


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