African Americans vote Democrat 92% of the time. The Congressional Black Caucus, whose membership is 99% democratic, is the standard bearer of policy and legislative politics for African Americans.

Basevote, LLC, a public affairs firm, markets African American political interest, lifestyle, and values to Democratic elected officials, corporate america and others throughout the country. promotes the Congressional Black Caucus in order to position itself as an institutional brand within the African American political and consumer community.

By advertising on, you’ll benefit from our unique marketing philosophy and positioning. Advertising with is less like a transaction and more like a partnership. If you are looking for a massive audience who is obsessed with clicking banner ads and delivering high bounce won’t find that here!


What Makes Us Different?

Across our national network of 35 local micro websites (the Map), we deliver targeted, ethnic-cultural audiences that you won’t find just anywhere! Our audience is passionate and engaged. While you can certainly achieve scale elsewhere, most advertisers who work with us, know and appreciate the level of engagement we can deliver!

We have a fairly focused niche; politically conscience African Americans...If you want the youngsters, we got the Hip Hop crowd, if you want the Seniors, we’ve got the NAACP group, if you want the religious, we’ve got the Churches, if you want the college educated, working class, bourgeois living... we’ve got the Greeks, Union members and vacation traveling crowds, too!


This is Your Audience

  • 82% of our visitors are between 35 and 65 years of age
  • 58% have household income over $75,000
  • 49% have at least some post graduate level education
  • Most frequently listed professions: arts/entertainment/broadcasting, law/legal, and computer software/programming

In many ways, our unique visitors exemplify traditional demographic segmentation and predictable behavior. They not only watch BET, TV One and Tavis Smily, but also CNN, Rev. Creflo Dollar and ESPN. They devour ethnic books and are amongst the first to see mainstream films and download hot new music. They attend concerts and travel overseas often. They are life-long learners and socially active. They care deeply about their health, jobs, religion, quality education, equal justice and community safety.


Getting Involved’s visitors have strong opinions –informed by a voracious appetite for online news and information provided by our stellar website content and affiliate partners. 

And, because of the election of President Barack Obama, this audience is getting more involved every day. They sign petitions, contribute to causes and spread the word about issues important to them such as African American politics.

Left and Center, Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative or All-of-the-Above,’s visitors represent the democratic spectrum of political ideas and passions. To learn about advertising opportunities, contact us.


Serious Publishers is an exciting new publisher offering fresh and invigorating news, insight, and varied opinions on issues for the common folk. We’re putting out inviting content that, by its nature, engages visitors to stick, stay and return!


Serious Audience

Have we mentioned “engagement?” 

The visitor is more likely than most to stay on site, click internal links to multiple pages and to click advertising links to other sites within the vertical. Why? Because we’re naturally curious in other peoples’ business :)

Our visitors engage by commenting, texting, forwarding links to friends, posting links on their social networks, etc.

They download mobile apps to enjoy their favorite sites on the go, such as They sign up for newsletters and they read them. They watch videos online and listen to their favorite Mp3 tunes.

Odds are that you have your favorite political news, commentary and/or issues of the day websites.  And odds are that you visit them frequently and behave just as described here.

Who is the audience? ...every “engaged” political, social, lifestyle living and otherwise, African American in the country!

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the conversation.



Now, because of the uniqueness of it promotes the Black political community with the CBC and others, our pricing structure as a result, is also unique. Therefore, instead of advertising rates based on the traditional CPC or CPM impressions, we charge a flat rate fee based on a per month basis. In fact, our traffic numbers are confidential! This policy adds more value to you, the Advertiser, because it offers as many impressions that our unique audience traffic can provide. Once your ad unit is paid in full for the year, you can change it as frequently as you choose! It's Your Spot! Plus, there’s no extra charge for Flash or rotating spots vs. a static spot...Benefits, Yeah!



Homepage Spotlight (below masthead) has 1 Unit Available.

The most premium positioning on website!!! It features an image, text and logo (240 x 120) that links to Sponsor’s preferred URL.
Cost: ContactUs for special $$$ rate.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities Include:
Voter registration drives, surveys, blog, page sponsorships,


Special Sponsorship

  • Our news page, The BaseVote News, delivers a weekly dose of advice, information, and insight on everything from personal finance, entertainment and entrepreneurship to consumer empowerment, sports and politics courtesy of the nation’s leading Black Newspapers. This is an Exclusive Sponsorship!
  • Sponsor units are also placed on the 35 Micro Websites (the local states’ Map).

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